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Mistral, tempest, lightning, unoccupied, full mail box, damage, vandalism, leaks,..... we are there to intervene in time.




Our trumps


Standard service: 12 visits/year € 32 per visit.
Standard service: 24 visits/year € 30 per visit.
Standard service: 48 visits/year € 28 per visit.

If you have several houses in the region the number of visits can be divided over them.

Transport cost per visit:

House situated in zone A: none
House situated in zone A: € 4
House situated in zone A: € 9
House situated in zone A: € 14

Click here for the list and map of zones


All work which is not included in our standard services, such as fixing damages by ourselves, coordination, … is remunerated at € 25/hour. Materials are calculated at cost-price consumer.

Payment :

Payments to be done every trimester at last one week before the next term begins. When we do not receive the payment on time, the next foreseen visits will not be done en every responsibility is declined.

Payments to be done on 737-0159382-54 with the address of the house as message.

All prices are excluded from 21% VAT (which will be added for end-consumers).


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