Your holiday house our care !!!

Mistral, tempest, lightning, unoccupied, full mail box, damage, vandalism, leaks,..... we are there to intervene in time.




Our trumps

Our trumps

Bart is architect and is going for the 7 th renovation for himself, like in previous times everything will be renewed. He is used to tasks and restorations, even in the Provence where he lived for 8 years.

Caroline has 7 years of experience with recruiting employees. Her skill is the perfect base for boarding out bigger projects. In her career as human resource manager she knew to bring the right peoples to the right places to get jobs coordinated.

Together we raised Provence-Gardiennage, your partner in house-checking and surveillance. Our services are well-described and the tariffs fixed, so you know for what and how much you pay.

We are trilingual : Dutch, English and French.




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